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Ancon 500 stainless steel becomes Halfen Detan-D stainless steel

As a future-oriented, innovative company Leviat focuses on the ever-changing requirements of the industry. Our latest development aims to combine the portfolio of Ancon and Halfen Rod systems to ensure we meet the individual requirements of our customers and the industry.

As of now we offer our stainless steel system under a new name: Halfen Detan-D Rod System  stainless steel (previously Ancon 500 stainless steel). NEW: The system now has an ETA and free design software.

For the steel variant, we offer you the Halfen Detan-S rod system. Additional diameters, higher load capacity and the complete system in hot-dip galvanized steel including brushed threads are available. 

Both systems are regulated in an ETA and have free design software.

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